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NewsNew York's Batman's Hideout is the Perfect Batcave

New York’s Batman’s Hideout is the Perfect Batcave


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The following article contains spoilers from I Am Batman #11, on sale now.

Jace Fox has been working hard to establish himself as a different Batman from the original. Yet, with the name also comes certain… milestones that are all but guaranteed. Milestones tailored to Jace but reminiscent of his predecessor. I Am Batman #11 (by John Ridley, Christian Duce, Tom Derenick, Rex Lokus, and Troy Peteri) demonstrated this by giving Jace his own Batcave.

It is not technically a cave, more like a transportation hub. Still, its design is unique, allowing Jace the secrecy he needs to operate as Batman while providing ample room for his base of operations. More importantly, the hideout, coined “the Bat-Helix” by Jace, suits his style of vigilantism by keeping him close to the people he’s trying to stand up for.

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The Helix was built in the seventies and designed to be a transportation hub connecting Harlem to subways and airports. However, New York’s bankruptcy period forced its backers to abandon the project. Almost half a century later, the building has been forgotten even by the few people working on it. So, right off the bat (pun not intended), the building is perfect for a secrecy-minded vigilante like Jace. It has anonymity, having fallen through the cracks of New York’s records, and there is little reason for any city official to suspect that Batman is using one of New York’s abandoned projects as a base.

The Helix also has a unique structure. It’s built on rotating platforms to separate its three levels, two of which are underground. This gives Jace the ability to operate in total secrecy. Additionally, it puts him in a position to easily defend himself in the unlikely event someone tries to attack his base. The two underground levels would act as a staging ground to work on cases and develop tech. Most importantly, it gives him access to New York’s subway tunnels, so he can travel around the city quickly.

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What makes this place perfect for Jace’s Batman, however, is the intent to use it as a satellite office for his mother’s impact fund. It would allow Jace not only to help his family do good work but also put him front and center to hear the problems that the people of New York have. Jace’s Batman isn’t limited to battling super criminals. He remains dedicated to standing up to the elites of the world.

So it provides him anonymity and continues his mission to be a man of the people. At first, Jace may have been hesitant about the idea, but he is quickly changing his tune as the idea appeals more and more to his sense of justice. It’s a good step forward for him, giving him a place to retreat to and pick up new cases when he can while also being used to do good outside his work as a vigilante.

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