Nikki Fried gets into a fight with Catturd™ over her election record –

MSNBC opinion columnist Michael A. Cohen tried to calm some of the red wave that swept Florida on Election Day, making the point that the issues on which Gov. Ron DeSantis ran — and won big — didn’t necessarily play in the rest of the country. “… while Tuesday was a big win for DeSantis, it was a loser for ‘DeSantis-ism.’ His war on wokeness, attacks on liberals, and divisive culture war politics played well in Florida, but elsewhere it landed with a resounding thud.” Actually, nationwide exit polls placed DeSantis as the runaway favorite to run for president in 2024.

Gubernatorial loser Nikki Fried, who proudly claims in her Twitter bio to be “Florida’s only statewide elected Democrat,” reposted the piece.

By the way, congratulations to Catturd™ for reaching one million followers.

Yeah, don’t forget her primary in 2018.

So the woman who lost to the man who lost to DeSantis by 20 points thinks she’s some kind of kingmaker now? She even loses to someone named Catturd™.


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