NOT the Dems’ fault) –

Earlier this month Saudi Arabia claimed that President Biden basically begged OPEC to delay their planned oil production cut until after the midterm elections in the U.S.

Add it all up and that means the Democrats could have a new scapegoat if they get trounced in the midterms:

The Democrats continue to be thankful to have the media serving as their spin machine. In this example the outlet is New York Magazine:

And of course the Republicans are doing a bit of pouncing:

Of course, the real reason why Republicans are so quiet about the Saudis’ betrayal is that they stand to benefit from it politically on a massive scale. In itself, a slight uptick in gas prices isn’t necessarily a game changer for the midterm elections, but with so many tight races in key battlegrounds, it’s bad news for the ruling party. A recent piece at the Intercept makes the case that the oil-production cuts are a deliberate act of election interference on the part of Prince Mohammed, who is friendly with Trump and stands to benefit from a Republican takeover of Congress that would set up Trump or some other MAGA stand-in to win the presidential election in 2024. Several analysts who spoke to the Intercept interpret the move as a deliberate October Surprise from the Saudis.

If the Democrats get wrecked three weeks from tomorrow it’s just GOT to be because of the Saudis — it couldn’t possibly be due to Biden and the Democrats’ disastrous policies (cue massive eye roll).

And we haven’t heard the last of the excuses.

If that was Trump more impeachment proceedings would already be underway in Congress.



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