Noted scientist, Chuck Todd, questioned Harvard biologist, Vivek Ramaswamy, on the gender binary

Yes, we’re kidding. NBC’s Chuck Todd is not a scientist. He just vaguely references scientific studies when challenging obvious biological realities.

In this segment of Meet the Press, GOP 2024 presidential hopeful and, yes, Harvard biologist, Vivek Ramaswamy was making the point that procedures to mutilate the sexual characteristics or hormones of children under 18 years of age should be prohibited.

Chuck Todd interjected to ask Vivek if he really knew that gender is binary, citing ‘scientific research’ that gender is a spectrum.

Ramaswamy handled the exchange well, filling in the education Chuck Todd should have received in high school biology (or earlier).

Bingo. This exchange often occurs just as it did here, with Chuck Todd referring to ‘scientific studies’ but no meat.

As Vivek explained, XY = male and XX = female is the scientific reality.

It’s the social side of that equation that’s working overtime to confuse healthy but impressionable kids to doubt their gender – mostly to help adults feel better about their own choices.

When proponents of the ‘gender spectrum’ theory do offer ‘proof’, they usually detail an array of rare chromosomal or physical abnormalities.

There are children born with no legs. What we never see is the Chuck Todds of the world very seriously asking their guests if they’re confident humans are, indeed, bipedal.

Aye, there’s the rub!

Once you set aside the edge cases of physical abnormalities, the conversation that has actually gripped the nation recently is whether healthy boys or girls can decide they are whatever gender they prefer, regardless of their healthy biology.

Vivek Ramaswamy really did handle the exchange well. Too many have become afraid of being labeled a bigot for standing up for reality.

He calmly stated biological facts and even responded perfectly to Todd’s morality play of ‘what if these treatments will stop a kid from committing suicide?’

We think it’s an underhanded tactic, more intended to paint the interviewee as a monster than to ask a serious question.

A child considering suicide is suffering a mental health crisis that should be addressed through counseling or, potentially, medication – not by making life-altering body modifications that they can’t possibly fully understand at that age.

What parent would want their child to be part of a population with a significantly higher suicide rate? It’s not bigoted or uncaring to make every effort to counsel a child away from feelings of gender dysphoria.

We generally dissuade children from engaging in behavior or activities that they are too young to handle responsibly.

We’ve found ourselves in this Woke Twilight Zone where the people saying ‘maybe we shouldn’t cut off little Timmy’s weiner’ are treated like the crazy ones.

Don’t fall for it. Calmly and rationally speak the truth, like Vivek does here.

Chuck Todd clearly demonstrates that sound logical reasoning manifests itself on a spectrum. LOL.

Ha! Congratulations, Chuck Todd?

It would have definitely been an SNL skit, but we think it might have actually been sort of funny.

LOLOLOL! Now that’s funny.

Would a smidgen of interview prep be too much to ask of Chuck Todd?

You can’t change a tiger’s stripes … or a parrot’s feathers.

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