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Tomorrow is President Biden’s 80th birthday, and he’ll be happy to know that the New York Times has given him a gift. Perhaps this is more like an in-kind donation to a potential reelection campaign:

Wow, the NYT seems to see a different Biden than many others do.

Yes indeed, it’s an actual “news” story from a Times health reporter.

The media carrying water for him is also going in Biden’s favor.

They can’t seem to make up their minds over there at the NY Times:

Things changed quickly!

They couldn’t be more predictable.

More “experts”? Great:

But while the risk of life-threatening diseases, dementia and death rises faster with each passing decade of a person’s life, experts in geriatrics say that people in their 80s who are active, engaged and have a sense of purpose can remain productive and healthy — and that wisdom and experience are important factors to consider.

The New York Times spoke to 10 experts in aging to paint a picture of what the next six years might look like for a person of the president’s age. These experts have not examined or treated Mr. Biden, though they have looked at publicly available information, including a medical report issued by the White House last year, a day before his 79th birthday.

The article begins by reminding readers about Biden’s “watch me” comment. Yeah, we are, and yikes.



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