‘Only one in a mask!’ Big tough Vice reporter who mocked J6 defendants PROTECTS tweets after Alex Stein makes a FOOL of her at CPAC (watch)

Vice reporter … that really says it all.

Considering how badly the Left (hello, Antifa) has been treating people on the Right for years and years and years now, we don’t exactly have a whole lot of sympathy for Vice reporter, Tess Owen. We would take a gander through her tweets to remind you all who she really is and what she really thinks, but she locked down her verified account (which used to be a big no-no) after Alex Stein trolled her at CPAC. Could she have been any more obvious in her silly little face diaper?


She just keeps saying, ‘I’m just doing my job.’

Even after he points out she is taking things out of context to write nasty things about the event.

That’s her job?


Don’t start none, won’t be none.

That USED to be the rule.

There it is.

What a sweetheart, right?

Gosh, we’re not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for Tess …

Over/under on when she writes a piece about how she was attacked by the same meanie who went after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that this is indicative of the misogynist state of men on the Right, blah blah blah blah? She will paint herself as some powerful woman who went into the JAWS of the evil conference.

And then they’ll blame Trump.




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