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Perpetually Stupored Pelosi Opens Liquor Delivery for House of Reps


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Pelosi opens a liquor delivery for US Representatives

As if we needed any more proof about Pelosi’s vices, she goes and opens a “liquor and drinks” outlet in the Rayburn House of Reps Office Building, providing drinks to all the thirsty members of congress!

From the Gateway Pundit:

House members received notification from the House Chief Administrative Officer announcing two new perks offered this week compliments of the chamber’s Democrat leadership: fully paid gym memberships and “House Drinks storefront” a brand new liquor and drinks outlet in the Rayburn House Office Building.

She pretends at outrage and concern over this issue and the next, ranging from abortion “rights” to Democrat-antagonized food and supply shortages but at the end of the day she only seems to care about ramping up benefits for herself and her cronies in congress.

It’s not just about the lunacy of liquor delivery for lawmakers, or about the increase in benefits using taxpayer money. It’s about hypocrisy, because what else is there to the Democratic party except for hypocrisy and delusions?

Giving money to Ukraine, using our hard earned dollars to buy themselves booze, all while refusing to do anything to help us put gas in our tanks and food on our tables. American babies are literally starving due to lack of formula and ridiculous food prices, but at least Pelosi can get her gin.

But only if you have a valid I.D.–you can vote without one in a blue state, but you can’t buy a beer.

Also, notice how it opens at 8:00am? Don’t drink and drive, unless you’re driving the United States into the ground, apparently.

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