Peter Strzok’s claims about his actions ahead of the 2016 election (and 1/6) were the ‘coup de grâce of this entire insane segment’ on MSNBC

MSNBC had a segment today that was a clown car full of delusional gaslighting that had many players, but for now we’ll focus on former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his claims.

Tom Elliott captured the insanity for posterity and we’ll start here:

Strzok: “The IG said we found NO evidence, none, documental, testimonial or otherwise indicating there were improper motivations by anything the FBI did.”

Maybe a good follow-up question would have been “then why were you fired?” But of course that didn’t happen.

Up next, hang on to your hat, because Strzok also warned people that there are FBI agents who might let their political opinions interfere with their work:

Somebody hand this guy a mirror! Look up “self-unaware” in the dictionary and there will be this picture:


Strzok also had this to add to the conversation comparing January 6th to 9/11:

Yep, this actually happened:

“9/11 was nothing compared to January 6th,” says the person who is of course totally not at all insane.

Just for kicks, Strzok’s 2018 termination letter from then FBI deputy director David Bowdich was released recently, and does this sound like somebody who had no “improper motivations”?

“As I considered all the known facts associated with the adjudication of your case it was difficult to imagine another incident like yours which brought so much discredit to the organization.

In my 23 years in the FBI, I have not seen a more impactful series of missteps which called into question the entire organization and more thoroughly damaged the reputation of the entire organization.

He conceded that the FBI is not immune to making ‘unpopular decisions,’ without elaborating on what those are, but added ‘the public should be able to examine our work and not have to question our motives.”

And of course all that means that MSNBC pays Strzok to be a contributor as a totally unbiased, truth-telling former FBI agent.

Strzok’s affair with a co-worker was also totally “professional.”



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