Police investigating burning of a Pride flag at an elementary school as a hate crime

NBC News OUT reports that Los Angeles School Police will be providing additional patrols around the elementary school as they continue the ongoing investigation of the burning of a Pride flag at the school.

 and  report:

A spokesperson for Los Angeles Police said Wednesday the incident is being investigated as a “vandalism hate crime.”

Alan Hamilton, a deputy chief with the LAPD’s Valley Bureau, said in a statement Wednesday that the Pride flag was in a potted plant.

“There was a small potted plant that was set on fire on the campus and the plant had a small (4 x 6 inch) PRIDE flag inside the potted plant container. Both the plant and the flag were destroyed by the fire,” he said.

“There are no suspects in custody at this time,” Hamilton added.

It turns out not all of the parents were thrilled that the elementary school was going to have a Pride Day assembly:

Renato Lira, director of the San Fernando Valley LGBTQ Center, said there is a Pride Day assembly at the school scheduled for Friday and that the organization is working with school and Los Angeles police to make sure students “are going to be safe going to school and when they’re leaving the campus.”

June is Pride Month dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments and historical discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

June is Pride Month? We hadn’t heard, they’ve been so low-key about it.



Rep. Adam Schiff is deeply disturbed:


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