President Joe Biden ordered the double-dip chocolate chip in a waffle cone –

All must be good with inflation and the economy and the border, because President Joe Biden is taking Saturday to just be Joe, and he’s earned it. First, he got within sniffing distance of a young girl who looked seriously uncomfortable as he put his hands on her shoulders and said something completely inappropriate. Then he had a standout speech about coffee machines and treated himself to an ice cream cone.

Tyler Pager, White House reporter for the Washington Post, relays that Biden ordered the double-dip chocolate chip in a waffle cone.

It’s endearing and folksy. Like his tales about the house fire and his Amtrak rides.


It seems we’re back to the ice cream alert on the journalism scale. There’s actually one sad woman in the comments who says the increase in price isn’t inflation but “price gouging.” Big Ice Cream is on notice.


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