President Joe Biden tells firefighters the story of his house burning down (again)

Two things are obvious: President Joe Biden is a liar, and he’ll tell any lie to pander to whichever audience is currently graced by his presence. You’re Puerto Rican? He practically grew up Puerto Rican! You manufacture big rigs? He used to drive an 18-wheeler! You served in Iraq? His son lost his life in Iraq! You think I’m kidding …

On Monday, Biden spoke to the International Association of Fire Fighters, so of course he had to work in the story about how his house burned down. When he told it in 2021, he made the connection to infrastructure by saying how important bridges were to emergency workers. He told the crowd that he “had a house burn down with my wife in it.” He backtracked a bit, saying a “substantial portion” of it burned. A year later, he revealed that “we almost lost a couple firefighters” in that blaze.

He should have used that version Monday.

No, he cannot help himself.

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Even WaPo’s Glenn Kessler can’t cover for him on this story.



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