Radio show host can’t hold back her laughter at teen climate activist’s admission (and the activist’s mom is very, very angry) –

If you’re not familiar with Izzy Cook, don’t worry. We’ll fix that for you.

Izzy’s a 16-year-old Kiwi climate activist and spokesperson for School Strike 4 Climate in Wellington, New Zealand, who was recently interviewed by a radio host about her crusade to stop the climate from changing. Sound like she’s a little silly to you? Well, you may think so.

But wait til you hear how much sillier she sounds during the actual interview:

For the record, the interviewer’s name is Heather du Plessis-Allan, and when we listened to Cook, we couldn’t stop laughing, either. Heather was right to laugh. In fact, it would have been wrong not to laugh.

But it seems that Izzy’s mom Rose is very angry with du Plessis-Allan for exposing her little girl’s fundamental unseriousness. And she wrote an opinion piece to take du Plessis-Allan to task. Rose Cook wrote:

On Friday evening, I listened in horror as my 16 year old daughter had a phone conversation with someone who appeared to be bullying her, laughing at her, and talking over her. As soon as she got off the call I demanded to know who the hell was speaking to my child in this way.

Here’s what du Plessis-Allan chose to focus on when she spoke to Izzy on Friday: that she had flown to Fiji with me in July. Du Plessis-Allan had done her “research” (aka checking out my daughter’s Instagram) to discredit her personally and derail the conversation about climate action.

The irony here is that Izzy didn’t even want to come. She wanted to stay home and study and hang out with her friends. She’s a teenager! But, selfishly, I insisted, because I wanted to spend this time with her.

Well, according to Izzy herself, she actually had a pretty great time in Fiji with her mom. Her mom who is supposedly also very concerned about the climate and wasn’t dragged there against her own will.

Seriously. If laughing at Izzy Cook being out of her depth is wrong, we don’t wanna be right.

It’s not wrong, though. Just so we’re clear.

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OK, that’s a fair point. Izzy may be a hypocrite, but at least she kind of acknowledges it. Greta Thunberg could never hope to be that self-aware.


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