Ranking of Kings has no shortage of heroic figures who can challenge gods or protect kingdoms from droves of foes, but Hiling outshines everyone.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes within the world of Ranking of Kings, ranging from the petite and unassuming Bojji to the enormous, stoic Bosse. Characters exhibit genuine emotional complexity, with morally upstanding individuals acting poorly because of manipulation or a sense of duty and honor that drives them to make the wrong decisions. When serious conflicts arise, almost everyone shows their heroic side, helping prevent large-scale destruction.

While most of the characters display clear signs of heroic cores, the one who cuts through the darkness for everyone to offer up hope is Queen Hiling. Even though Hiling contributed to the fissure between Bojji and Daida, it was a tragic side effect of her protective and loving nature. Like a true hero, Hiling acknowledges her shortcomings and mistakes so she can make amends and right any wrongs. She emerges as a light on the battlefield and a motivational leader for the critical players in Ranking of Kings.

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Hiling’s Love for Bojji Opened Her Eyes

Queen Hiling with Prince Bojji in Ranking of Kings anime

The role of a queen may be essential, but the title of mother is what Hiling holds closest to her heart. She connected quickly and deeply with Bojji, having his best interests and safety as top priorities. This connection wavers when Hiling becomes overbearing after assuming that Bojji is helpless, but she quickly adjusts her behavior upon realizing she is misinformed.

Being willing to adapt and admit fault makes Hiling an extremely admirable character. This characteristic is evident when Hiling acknowledges her mistake in passing over Bojji for king. While she intended to protect him, she only hurt his heart. Not only does she become his most adamant and important protector after this, but she also provides the push Bojji needs to get back out in the world and find what’s truly important to him.

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Daida Received Unconditional Love


Expectations for Daida would be enough to crush the strongest people. Hiling’s rigid approach to Daida pushed him to extremes while holding him to very high standards. Their relationship initially became rocky because of the pressure and control Hiling placed upon him.

When the kingdom enters total disarray and Daida finds himself struggling to claim his identity, it is these powerful lessons of love, protection and duty that guide him back to his true self. Being trapped in his mind helps Daida see the importance of everything his mother had been pushing onto him, allowing him to become a better man and hero. Daida inherits Bosse’s mission of protecting Miranjo and helping his brother because of Hiling.

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Hiling Elevates Dorshe and Other Reluctant Fighters

Dorshe ready to fight in Ranking of Kings

The kings and kingdoms are judged not only on their leaders but also on the quality of their top court members. The Bosse Kingdom holds an impressive crew of high-rank soldiers who help uphold Bosse’s legend while molding Bojji and Daida into strong individuals. Queen Hiling’s closest protector, Dorshe, quickly catches onto her honest and virtuous nature.

Dorshe helps prevent the coup and buys time for the other members of the kingdom to provide aid. Other vital players slowly catch onto the truth through Dorshe’s stubbornness or Hiling’s selfless restorative magic and start fighting to free the Kingdom and prepare for Bojji’s rule. Hiling even heals the terrifying-looking snake, Mitsumata, helping form a bond between Mitsumata, her and Bojji, thus creating another invaluable ally during the coup.

Being a caring individual, brave warrior and active healer help Hiling change hearts and gain the loyalty of others. In a world of influential and legendary individuals that can slay gods and move mountains, it takes a softer and wiser individual who can sway hearts and mold minds to become a true hero. Queen Hiling’s empathy and willingness to grow help her become a beacon of goodness that changes the course of the entire story.

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