Rep. Troy Nehls brings visual aids to convince Pete Buttigieg that Joe Biden isn’t fit to hold office –

We’re sorry we missed this Tuesday … we were distracted by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitting out loud that the pain Americans are feeling at the pump can be a benefit to those “with access to” electric vehicles. In other words, people who can afford to buy electric vehicles.

Rep. Troy Nehls had something different on his mind. Noting the times that Buttigieg had said that Donald Trump wasn’t mentally fit to hold office, what did Buttigieg think of these displays from Biden? (It’s kind of awkward, seeing that some Democrats are pushing for Biden not to run again in 2024 and have Buttigieg take his place because he’s too old.)

And a day later, the White House has to walk back Biden’s claim that he has cancer from oil pollution.


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