Reporter asks how we’re supposed to believe the economy is ‘strong as hell’ when it seems like smoke and mirrors –

As we’ve reported, President Joe Biden believes the economy is “strong as hell” and that job creation under his administration has been at all-time highs. Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich did a great job in laying out how that great economy seems like “smoke and mirrors.” Yes, there were jobs, but that was because of businesses reopening after the COVID lockdown. The administration dumped a ton of money into the economy with the American Rescue Plan, but the president’s college debt cancellation promises to undo any good done, with the CBO estimating its cost as $400 billion.

All the while, Karine Jean-Pierre leafed through her big book of talking points and eventually answered by pivoting to the Trump tax cut, under which 80 percent of Americans enjoyed a tax cut. That wasn’t paid for, Jean-Pierre claimed.

Spinning yes, but hardly a master at it. At the very least we’d appreciate being lied to by someone a little more competent.



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