Reuters assures us the 87,000 new IRS agents will be ‘tasked with IT support and answering taxpayer questions’ –

You might have noticed lately that some of the “fact-checkers” have been taking on Republican claims that many of the tens of thousands of new IRS employees that will be funded by the so-called Inflation Reduction Act will be tasked with ramping up audits on the middle class and small business owners. Reuters has joined the fact-checking mission to put down such claims by using comments from officials in the Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS. According to the Reuters article, most of those new tens of thousands of IRS workers will be customer support and IT techs:

Reuters reported that Republican claims about the expanded IRS are false, and that’s based on their interviews with people in the Treasury Department:

But the actual net staff increase would be far lower, as the IRS expects over 50,000 employees to retire over the next five years alone, said Natasha Sarin, Treasury counselor for tax policy and administration.

Claims that all 87,000 would be auditors, criminal enforcement agents or armed are “deeply dangerous nonsense – and false,” Sarin told Reuters.

“The speed and voracity with which (Republicans) are coming at this is really a testament to how important these resources are going to be – because there are many wealthy tax evaders that stand to lose a lot,” Sarin said.

That said, what else would Treasury officials be expected to say? “Yeah, Biden is lying?” The “fact-checkers” often do the same thing when they refute a Biden White House claim with comments from an official working in the Biden White House.

Can some of these new agents be tasked with tracking what happens to the billions of dollars being sent to Ukraine? Probably not.

They must be expecting a lot more questions.



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