Rob Reiner is now the number one threat to our Republic, world peace, and fluffy puppies –

DISCLAIMER: We at Twitchy don’t actually believe Rob Reiner is the ‘number one threat to American democracy, world peace, and fluffy puppies’. Reiner has a history of tweeting wild over-the-top hyperbole, that he insists is totally ‘not hyperbole’. We’re not sure what to call his style of writing? Reinerbole?

Reinerbole [rahy-nur-buh-lee]: Hyperbole, but from Rob Reiner.

One of Rob’s latest tweets made us wonder what it would be like to write an entire Twitchy article in the style of Rob Reiner. Let’s find out together!

Our very Republic stands on the brink of destruction. We are literally one vote away from collapse. In our efforts to preserve the final, fragile thread of our very way of life, we reported just last month that Rob Reiner tweeted that the election was a choice between ‘Democracy or Fascism’. This is the type of “othering” employed by countless fascist regimes throughout history to instill fear that their political opponents are a threat. He’s doing it again.

Make no mistake, Rob Reiner must be indicted, or we no longer have a Republic!

This is NOT hyperbole.

Let’s see what some of you had to say about the unique threat Rob poses in these dark times.

Reiner is attempting to wipe our Republic from existence. You’re either with the Republic or against it. The choice is clear!

Yes, we laugh at Rob’s posts. We laugh like people lamenting the end of America who have nothing left but to laugh … or cry!

We live in a time when there is zero difference between any given Hollywood liberal and Joseph Goebbels. Let that sink in.

Wrong, traitor! Negative 1,000,000!

Rob Reiner does not sleep. Rob Reiner does not grow weary. Rob Reiner is engaged in an unending pursuit to destroy all we hold dear! That’s all you need to know.

Our Republic is on the ballot. Seriously, your ballots will literally have a box labeled ‘Republic’ and another box labeled ‘Not Republic’.

Don’t want to live in a Not Republic? Vote Republican.

LOL, but in a very sober the-end-of-the-Republic-is-near sort of way.

Eyes on the prize. Vote Red. Indict Rob. Save Double Whoppers and the Republic.

Well said.

This is not hyperbole.

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