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NewsSen. Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath against Massachusetts...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath against Massachusetts crisis pregnancy centers – twitchy.com


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This story isn’t exactly new: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who wants to set up Planned Parenthood abortion outposts on the edges of national parks, said last week that she and Sen. Bob Menendez were co-sponsoring a bill that would “crack down on so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care.”

Warren is still on the warpath and told an ABC affiliate in Massachusetts that the state needs to put a stop to crisis pregnancy centers “right now.” Girls walk in looking for an abortion and are met by people who try to talk them out of it — it’s “bait-and-switch” Warren says. This woman gets angry about a lot of things, and the idea that a pregnant girl might choose life has her really riled up.

We learned from the New York Times a couple of months ago that over 16 million women live closer to a crisis pregnancy center than an abortion facility, and that number could double. That’s a bad thing, in case you weren’t sure.

Elizabeth Warren loves her some aborted babies.

Very well said.

Democrats pick the most insane hills to die on.

She’s angry about centers that try to provide another option besides abortion. Is she worried about “forced birth” and the rest of the Democrats’ talking points?


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