Sen. John Fetterman 'has basically been forced' to contend with brain trauma and demanding job

We recently did a post on the 180 that’s taken place since Sen. John Fetterman was hospitalized after feeling lightheaded at a Democrat retreat and then hospitalized again for depression. A lot of conservatives considered it abuse to allow Fetterman to continue to campaign, but now he’s stuck in either “an absurdly demanding job” or “America’s easiest job.” Does the extent of his duties consist of voting yes or no, or is he compelled to complete an “Iron Man triathlon of outward-facing obligations”? It all depends on whether you’re talking about before the midterm elections or after.

As we reported, Jennifer Senior wrote a column for The Atlantic on “John Fetterman and the performance of wellness.”

Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg thought this was the money quote:

Um …

Yeah, how was he “forced” into being a senator? As he assured Joy Reid in October, he’d be much, much better by January. Maybe he should have gotten a second opinion along with the one from his doctor who was also a campaign donor.


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