Senator Rand Paul Vow’s To Block Legislation And Biden Nominees Until He Receives Covid-19 Origin Documents [VIDEO]

Kentucky’s Senator, Rand Paul is vowing that he will block all of Joe Biden’s nominees until he is given access to U.S. government documents that will help determine what role U.S.-funded research projects played in the origination of COVID-19. According to the Senator, he has been trying to obtain the documents for three years and is concerned that the U.S. had a hand in creating the epidemic through gain of function research.

According to Epoch Times, Paul said the U.S. is funding unsafe research,

“I’ve been trying to get COVID records for three years, and my concern with the COVID Records is that the U.S. government funded a lot of research that was risky research called ‘gain of function’ research.”

Paul continued by saying that the research had taken place both in China and the U.S. He noted that it is time for details about the research to be made public,

“Some of that research was funded in China, some of it’s been funded in our country. And I think that we need to find out about all of that research, and it needs to come to the public; it needs to be reviewed.”

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Paul said he would block all of Biden’s nominations and legislation until he receives the records he has requested,

“I’m in the process of blocking nominations, of blocking legislation, if they will not help me to get records. And so this is going on in two major committees that I’m on, the Foreign Relations Committee as well as the Homeland Security. I’m telling you, I’m not letting anything pass unanimously; I’m blocking everything until you finally turn over some of these records on COVID.

Jay Bhattacharya, whose Twitter account says he is a “professor at Stanford School of Medicine. MD, PhD. Health policy: infectious diseases, covid, health economics. Scientific freedom,” agreed that the U.S. government has not behaved in a trustworthy manner regarding covid science, but has rather been a source of misinformation.

Getting to the bottom of how much responsibility the U.S. government bears for creating Covid-19 is essential.
Republican Iowa Senator Joni Ernst published a late May report with the help of government auditors and watchdog organizations, detailing that the U.S. government has supplied Chinese organizations with nearly $500 million in research grants and contracts over the past six years. Some of those funds were sent to the Wuhan Institute.
Paul believes that some U.S. funds even went to the Chinese military,

“One thing we discovered and has not been reported, I think, very extensively, is that [National Institutes of Health] money is going to American universities and then being subcontracted to military research in China.”

Paul, who is also a medical doctor, noted that the Covid virus contains components that appear to have been engineered in a lab making it more transmissible, and has connections to a 2018 research proposal submitted to DARPA (U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).


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