Sergio Aguero hits back at Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Sergio Aguero hits back at Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Sergio Aguero has responded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic after he said Argentina’s World Cup celebrations were ‘disrespectful’ and that they will not win again.


The former Argentina forward, 34, was prominent in the wild celebrations that followed the dramatic penalty shoot-out win over France, having been a part of the team’s camp in Qatar. 


AC Milan veteran Ibrahimovic claimed the nature of Argentina’s celebrations, which he felt were over-the-top, meant they would not win another World Cup. 


Ibrahimovic told France Inter: ‘I said Argentina will for sure win the World Cup. If you want to remember the Qatar World Cup for the rest of history, who is going to win? (Argentina captain) Messi. (Not Mbappe?) No, because Messi is considered the best player in history.


‘But I feel sorry for Mbappe, because if you score four goals in the final (including the penalty shoot-out) and don’t win the World Cup, that is very sad. But he will win another World Cup and he has already won one, so I’m not worried about Mbappe.


‘I’m worried about the other players of Argentina because they will not win anything else. Messi has won everything and he will be remembered. But the rest, that behaved badly, we can’t respect that.  


‘This is coming from me as a professional football player at a high level. For me, it’s a sign that they will win one time and will not win any more, because you don’t win like that.’


Sergio Aguero, who was forced to retire with a heart problem in December 2021, went on an all-out rant directed at the former Sweden international after he blasted his nation’s World Cup success.   


‘Do I say what I think or not? Zlatan. Ibrahimovic. Ibra-himovic. It’s the same, it’s a pretty difficult name, it’s better to say Zlatan,’ Aguero started with.


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‘Zlatan, before saying that, perhaps it was better to round off that you preferred France to win, to say that the others behaved badly. If they behaved badly, you say that you say it as a high-level professional. 


‘You played, I also played at a high level. But let’s remember that you also behaved badly while playing. I believe, right? In other words, in the end, we don’t throw stones if they are going to throw us again later. 


‘The saying in Argentina is: do not spit up if you are going to fall. I don’t know. Or let’s remember on the court that you have, let’s say, bad behaviors. Some ironing. 


‘Some pineapple, some pineapple, I remember that in Galaxy you hit him with a pineapple, and then, I remember, you pretended that he hurt you and stepped on you. Is that for you behaving well or behaving badly? Let’s think.’


‘I remember that we played against United, Manchester City. I was at the bank. You went to plays, you answered. 


‘To speak that they behaved badly, I think you are the least suitable to speak. I think. It seems to me that you are wrong on this one. In the end, it’s your opinion, right?…


‘It seems to me that it is very rude to say that we are not going to win more. I think that before worrying about Argentina, you could worry about your country, about your players, who are not even in the last World Cups. 


‘Could we think so? They didn’t classify. But, well, I don’t know. More than worrying about Argentina and talking like that… Of course, I think, as you think.


‘And Messi won. Maybe that makes you angry, that Messi has won the World Cup and that’s why it hurts you to admit that Messi is the best player in the world, and it hurts you that he won the World Cup in Argentina. 


‘This is football. Sometimes it is played well, it is played badly. You play well and you play well being a rascal on the pitch. I don’t know. Also note that other countries behaved badly. 


‘Besides, weird, because he’s quite a fighting player. fighter. It’s like me, who always fights on the field, says that these players are bad milk and hit like crazy. And I am one of those, who hits like crazy. 


‘I’m saying something that doesn’t make sense. Let’s just say it’s not fair. It’s not fair what he’s saying. If you tell me that you are a good, very good (behavioral) player, there is no need to argue. 


‘But you are a fighter. I remember that you had a fight with Otamendi, too, in a match between City and United. You argued with Pep, Pep Guardiola. 


‘I imagine that for something Pep later wanted to sell you from Barcelona. I suppose that to talk about how Argentina behaved badly, you first have to look at your career to see if you behaved well, if you behaved moderately well. And I don’t think you behaved well.’


The all-time Manchester City top goalscorer went on to add: ‘Did I liquidate Zlatan? He liquidated my companions. I was there. What’s more, you may also speak to me, because I was there. 


‘I feel like you threw me, now I’m throwing you. We are world champions, Zlatan, and you want to kill yourself. And Messi is the best in the world, sorry. 


‘Argentina is champion. We raised the Cup. And you were watching. The players who misbehaved lift the Cup. I am sorry. I’m sorry.’

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