SF School District BEGS Parents To Rent Bedrooms To Teachers Struggling To Afford Cost Of Living

San Francisco is becoming an unbearably expensive city to live in. So much so the Milpitas Unified School District is asking parents to rent out their spare bedrooms to teachers.

According to The Mercury News: “As communities across the Bay Area push to create affordable teacher housing, the Milpitas Unified School District is trying out a different approach: asking parents to take in teachers priced out by soaring Silicon Valley rents.”

The outlet reported that the district lost “at least” seven teachers who struggled to afford living in the Bay Area.

“The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Milpitas is now nearly $3,000 a month, a 15% spike since last September,” Mercury News said.

“That works out to roughly half the annual salary for early-career teachers in the district, who earned around $68,000 last year,” it added.

Urging parents to rent out their spare bedrooms is not normal. And it says a lot about how much out-of-control rent prices have skyrocketed in San Francisco.

A nationwide teacher shortage, Mercury News mentioned, also appears to be a reason why Bay Area school districts have struggled to attract and retain qualified educators in recent years.

Districts and local governments are reportedly looking for new ways to create affordable housing for teachers. Including “a planned apartment complex with up to 110 units in Palo Alto.”

A local government official said the following about the district’s call to have parents help host school teachers:

“They want to be treated like the adult amazing professionals they are,” [a mayor’s office official] said. “Renting a room in someone’s house doesn’t feel like maintaining someone’s dignity like our teachers and educators deserve.”

The district claims that since sending out its online request last week, it has received only 55 responses from families looking to rent out a room in their home to a teacher. 

Merchants in San Francisco are also fed up with the Democrat politics that are turning their city into a liberal hell hole infested with crime, homelessness, and drug abuse. The rise in costs doesn’t help either.

Things have gotten so bad that merchants are threatening a tax strike if the city doesn’t address its many problems.

No wonder Americans are fleeing Democrat-run cities like San Francisco in droves. What’s the point anymore?

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