SHAME: Homeless veterans tossed from NY hotels to make way for illegal migrants

A group of nearly two dozen veterans of America’s armed forces were uprooted from the upstate New York hotels that were sheltering them to make room for people who entered the country illegally.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are failing America. Their open borders policies affect American citizens – this time those who signed up to risk all for our nation.

Why has this particular group of veterans been kicked to the curb? The blame belongs to many, but here are the big ones: Joe Biden, Democrat ‘compassion’, and math.

These folks are in the country illegally because Joe Biden refuses to enforce our border laws.

Democrats want to feel good about harboring the ‘huddled masses’ … as long as it’s nowhere near where they live. Mayor Eric Adams bussed these folks out of New York City to upstate New York, where this group of former freedom fighters suddenly found themselves in the crosshairs of ‘compassionate’ Democrat immigration policy.

Finally, there’s cold, hard math. The nonprofit group that was paying the hotels to house these veterans could offer up $88 per day for a veteran to stay at the hotel. They just can’t compete with the up to $190 per night being offered by the government on the taxpayer’s dime.

That’s right, the same government that asked these men to trudge through the jungles of Vietnam are now competing against the nonprofit housing them. They get to make a trip down the road to a seedier hotel, while non-citizens displace them.

The Left always begins by attacking language. We’ve watched for years as they decried the term ‘illegal’ being used to describe people illegally entering the country. ‘People can’t be illegal!’ they say. Yes, they can be in the United States illegally. (And you can miss us right now with this trick of stamping ‘asylum seeker’ on them and pretending it’s different.)

The People of the United States enacted immigration laws through their Congress to provide for orderly immigration into the country.

This is not orderly. This is disorder, and every politician who enables it should be called out and held responsible.

Democrats are definitely sending mix signals lately on the homeless … or should we say ‘houseless’.

As Twitchy readers might recall, a homeless guy might be a hero if he scared enough passengers on a subway that they tried to restrain him, or he might be a villain if he stepped on the third rail of alphabet advocacy.

Perhaps if they had learned to moonwalk a decade ago, Democrats would have some compassion for these homeless veterans?

We’re guessing the top spot actually goes to radical LGBTQ activists, based on the fate of the rainbow flag-wiping homeless man mentioned above, but you’re close.

Elections have consequences.

Biden voters won’t want to hear this, but reality is hard sometimes.

Yes, you voted for this. You may not have thought you were voting for this, but you were.

He did that, indeed. We hope the double chocolate chip was worth it.

It’s really not surprising if you’ve listened to what Democrats have been telling us for years.

This is not a crisis that blindsided Joe Biden and the Democrats. This is a direct result of their policy.

No matter where you fall in the Trump/DeSantis primary debate, they both see the problem and the Democrats will only make it worse.

More of this, please.

They have to keep doing it, too. If your government wants to virtue signal their ‘compassion’ by declaring the place you live a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigration then they’re volunteering to become a border state, no matter how far inland they are.

Allow them and their citizens to exercise their compassion … and hose U.S. veterans in the process, apparently.

America is seeing there is a huge difference between passing policy that allows a person to feel compassionate and the heartless impact of those policies when actualized. Our country really can’t handle much more ‘help’ from walled-off liberals who want to feel good about themselves.

Unfortunately, they’re starting to export now.

Yeah, Biden will get right on that.

Someone’s going to get the vapors over that particular language.

Look, you don’t have to be a white nationalist nutjob to understand that resources are limited and American citizens will be affected if we don’t control immigration. Just ask these vets.



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