SHOCKING: Another Harmful Ruling Against Women, Korean Female-Only Spa Forced To Bend To Leftist Transgender Ruling

A Washington judge ordered a family-owned Korean woman’s spa to allow biological men into their women-only spa. The spa owners have been ordered to violate their convictions and change business rules.

The issue began after a transgender biological male, who still has male genitals, was denied membership. Haven Wilvich’s membership application was declined. Wilvich says the spa told her ‘transgender women without surgery are not welcome’ according to Daily Mail.

Twitter users were angered by the injustice, saying Barbara Jacobs Rothstein, the Washington judge who took the ability for a woman to have their own spa away, “Ordered the female-only Olympus Spa…To admit ALL trans women, including Haven Wilvich, who complained. Another family-owned business bites the dust.”


Wilvich complained to the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC). They, in turn, ordered the Olympus Spa to change its membership rules to allow biological men. In the Olympus Spa, nudity is a regular part of the spa experience.
Wilvich claims the spa turned him away, saying,

“Transgender women without surgery are not welcome because it could make other customers and staff uncomfortable.”

Olympus spa owner Myoon Woon Lee explained that the spa was family-owned and a ‘women’s Korean traditional health spa’ and noted that nudity was required for certain treatments. When Lee was asked to respond to Wilvich’s claim that he was turned away, Lee stood firm, saying,

“We firmly believe it is essential for the safety, legal protection, and well-being of our customers and employees that we maintain adherence to this adaptation of a females-only rule.”

The WSHRC ultimately ruled in favor of Wilvich instead of the spa owners. One Twitter user re-tweeted Wilvich’s social media post bragging about the victory, “I did it! I worked with the Washington Human Rights Commission and got Olympus Spa (the main naked lady spa in the area) to change their policies and allow all self-identified women access regardless of surgery and genitals.”

The sex-segregated spa has two branches and based its model on Korean bath houses. The spa attempted to fight back, but its lawsuit was dismissed by the Washington District Court, which upheld the original ruling by the WSHRC. Washington is a leftist-run state which allows trans people to use whatever facilities they identify with without oversight or any questions.
Rothenstein defended her ruling as lawful, resolving that it was fine for her to prohibit women from having a “women’s only” spa experience.

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