Smug law school prof is way too proud of his dunk on Katy Perry’s vote for ex-GOPer Rick Caruso in L.A. –

Katy Perry has built a very nice career for herself as a popular and successful singer. But, in case you missed it, she recently went and ruined it all on November 7, 2022, by proudly declaring on Instagram that she was voting for former Republican Rick Caruso over Karen Bass in the Los Angeles mayoral race, because, in her words, “Los Angeles is a hot mess.”

That post turned her into a hot Twitter trending topic, thanks in no small part to all the cool liberals out there who were utterly revolted. Katy Perry has consistently espoused liberal values and supported progressive political candidates. How could she betray the public like this?!

Well, apparently one of the cool liberals who was disappointed and grossed out by Perry’s support for Rick Caruso was Anthony Kreis, a political scientist and law professor at Georgia State University College of Law. And with the news that Caruso ultimately lost his race to Bass, Kreis is seizing the opportunity to rub Perry’s nose in it:


Wow, Anthony. You sure told her. She voted for the candidate she thought would do a better job at cleaning up at least some of the mess that is the City of Los Angeles, and her guy lost. He lost! How embarrassing for Katy. Imagine, voting for a candidate that went on to lose an election!

Seriously, what even is Kreis’ tweet? It sure as hell isn’t the glorious dunk he thinks it is.

Honestly, if anyone should be wearing the clown nose right now, it’s Anthony Kreis. He’s the one who’s publicly embarrassed himself.


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