So I Married an Anti-Fan stars the famous Choi Tae Joon and Choi Soo Young. Both of them are present as the lead roles in this show. The series is based on a webtoon, which has the same name. But, the adaptations of the show does not end here. There is also a Chinese webtoon based on the same name and stars Exo’s Chanyeol.



But, these things are not worth discussing in this article. Why? Because the show is about to end. This has got the fans wondering whether the show will get renewed for a second season. Therefore, without future adieu let us try to find out an answer to this question.


So I Married an Anti-Fan: Let us look at the series

The story focuses itself around a popular idol whose name is Hoo Joon. It is opposed to another story of a commoner named Geun Young. This person ends up becoming his first anti-fan. Now, most people would ask as to how they had met. Well, the meeting happened under weird circumstances.

They became sworn enemies at first. So the story goes that she works as a reporter. And one day she got to interview Hoo Joon. She was also having a bad time in her life as she was going through a breakup. Her drinking habits are also not helping her.

So I Married an Anti-Fan: A possibility for a second season?

So, firstly the show has not been renewed for another season. It means that the show creators or the producers have not announced another season of the show. But, we regret to inform you that there is not a high chance for the renewal. This is because one other episode still remains to be aired and if the story is able to rest in the last episode, the show will not get renewed.

So, let us see what happens.

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