Spanish Woman Releases Names Of People Allowed To Attend Her Funeral..., Her Family Members Not Included [SEE]

A Spanish woman shocked the world after she published and circulated names of people who are allowed to be present in her burial and surprisingly her own family were delisted from the list.

Maria Paz Fuentes Fernandez who reportedly passed away on June 2 had before her death has made a list of people who are allowed to be guests at her family. The list which was published in a local newspaper showed that she banned her family members from attending her funeral.

She also warned people who never cared for her when she was alive to never come close or speak on anything relating to her.

“To everyone else who never cared during my life, I want you to carry on living far away from me, just like you were before; Maria warned.

The List

The obituary was published in the El Progreso newspaper in Lugo, Galicia, and has since gone viral online.

This has sparked multiple reactions on social media as some people hailed her on her decision, describing the woman as “brave” for speaking her truth in her final moments.

One Twitter user said: “If they left her alone during her life, they can get lost with their hypocrisy, well away from her funeral. Great lesson from this lady putting them in her place.”

But others branded the guest list a “disgrace”, saying she must have died an “unhappy, spiteful woman.”

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