Speaker McCarthy want to know why Capitol Police interrupted children's choir singing Nat'l Anthem

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is among Republicans asking the U.S. Capitol Police for answers after video circulated showing a children’s choir singing the National Anthem until being asked to stop singing shortly before the end of the song:

Here’s what happened:

Who called the officer? Maybe McCarthy can find out.

The Capitol Police responded to Republicans asking why the singing kids were shut down:

Capitol Police told The Post on Friday that singing is not usually allowed in the building and that officers were not aware McCarthy had approved the performance.

“Although popup demonstrations and musical performances are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol without the proper approval, due to a miscommunication, the U.S Capitol Police were not aware that the Speaker’s Office had approved this performance,” the agency said. “We apologize to the choir for this miscommunication that impacted their beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner and their visit to Capitol Hill.”

If the kids had been singing some sort of a “Pride Month” song would they have been stopped? Some questions answer themselves.

If these were leftists the CNN defense of the singers might be “choir-y but mostly peaceful.”

The man who organized the Capitol trip said a Capitol Police email response to the Daily Signal is a “bald-faced lie”:

“Recently somebody posted a video of a children’s choir singing the Star-Spangled Banner in the U.S. Capitol Building and wrongfully claimed we stopped the performance because it ‘might offend someone,’” the Capitol Police told The Daily Signal in an email statement. “Here is the truth. Demonstrations and musical performances are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol.”

“Of course, because the singers in this situation were children, our officers were reasonable and allowed the children to finish their beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner,” the police statement added. “The Congressional staff member who was accompanying the group knew the rules, yet lied to the officers multiple times about having permission from various offices. The staffer put both the choir and our officers, who were simply doing their jobs, in an awkward and embarrassing position.”

“That’s a bald-faced lie,” Rea, the man who organized the trip, told The Daily Signal. “You can see clearly in the video, they literally stopped him before they finished singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’”


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