Truckers and over half of America are going to be doin this all over the place. Final goal Agenda 2030 and all globalists. So pricey FOX who supported the efforts of the globalists through the gulf warfare and Afghanistan. Let’s be intellectually sincere. We have now already restored the free press. Legacy media can be chased out. We the individuals report the information now we have no use for any of you anymore. Tucker? Nicely we are going to see as he appears to be a possibly. Time will inform. Let’s see him speak about time period limits eh? Or how about that abomination unlawful entity in keeping with our sacred doc the U.S. Structure known as the federal reserve with a bit of f as a result of it’s not a Federal entity however a privately owned financial institution with non-public share holders. Hmm? They’re those printing the paper backed by nothing. Restore the U.S. Treasury. Oh there’s no gold left within the coffers you say?

We the Individuals are the free press now we will livestream simply advantageous so the world can see precisely what is going on and all with out CGI. What we name straight images. Then the individuals resolve for themselves with an knowledgeable thoughts what to do subsequent.

I for one have left this abusive relationship and watch and skim the free press.

Sorry however I don’t dwell in la la land anymore due to you again through the butcher I imply Bush period. Now our troopers (our personal youngsters) are homeless and due to what Bush and the New World Order (Davos, Gates, Fauchi and plenty of others, Soros) committing suicide. My neighbor got here again an entire wreck for what you ordered him to do.

Time to return to what our forefathers wished no ifs ands or buts.

Kids keep residence and play wee or dimtendo we want males.

Thanks on your time.

This has been an exccersise of free speech.



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