Sunny Hostin can’t resist taking a vile racist swipe at Nikki Haley — and she’s not remotely sorry about it –

Breaking news: Sunny Hostin is a flaming garbage person.

That’s not breaking news, of course, but it never hurts to be reminded that she’s just straight-up terrible. Fortunately, she reminds us constantly. She reminded us again today with her comments on Nikki Haley:

Beg your pardon, Sunny?

In a matter of seconds, Sunny Hostin manages to slime Nikki Haley, the GOP, and Indian Americans. It’s kind of impressive, actually.

For those not in the know, Caryn Elaine Johnson is Whoopi Goldberg’s real name. And Caryn’s not even the only “View” cohost who goes by a different first name than the one she was given at birth:



Evidently Sunny did not learn anything from Asha Rangappa getting busted for racism toward Nikki Haley.

It gets better, though. And by “better,” we mean “worse.” Because by some miracle, some of Hostin’s cohosts actually called her out on what she said about Haley … and Hostin took the opportunity to apologize and promptly flushed it down the toilet:

Well, that was something.

Nice of Whoopi (or Caryn) to step in and kill the conversation. Too bad she couldn’t do it before Sunny Hostin committed character suicide.

Good question. We’ll probably find out soon enough when Sunny Hostin suffers absolutely no professional consequences for openly spewing racist drivel on national television.

Be sure to tune into “The View” tomorrow. Sunny’ll be right there in her usual spot.



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