Super BLUE account claims he still has faith in Biden, asks others if they do and OMG-LOL the replies

It’s always fun to come across a larger Lefty account when they’ve tweeted something SO Twitchy-worthy without even knowing what they’ve done. This San Jose mailman (hey, it’s his name) claims he still has faith in Biden and asked his followers if they do as well.

Once you take a look through what we grabbed you’ll see why we HAD to write this one.

Ok, so we wanted to show you all the REALLY TRULY CRAZY replies first.

Brace yourselves.

Why would Republicans want Joe to have a bunch of classified documents all over the place? And what a strange response.

How about holding the old-timer accountable? Just spitballin’ here.

Yes, the documents were planted IN JOE’S GARAGE by his Corvette by the stealthy Republicans. Hey, we knew these people weren’t bright in the first please but HOOBOY.

She has faith in him but wants him investigated.

That seems weird, right?

You know those tweets you read and you wonder if the person writing them may have at some point fallen and hit their head? This is one of those tweets.

This is really sad, yeah?

We got nothin’.

Demonstrated wisdom?

Powerful first two years? Against WHAT odds? The media, big tech, Hollywood … all pulling for Joe.

C’mon, man.

But for the most part, these responses look like this:

We didn’t write it.

We did laugh at it.

And we did include it in this piece.

BUT we didn’t write it.

And then there’s the rare and honest tweet:

Tough crowd, Biden.



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