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Ted Cruz has been charged by Twitter leftists with inciting violence … by sharing a person’s own words, which is apparently totally dangerous or something.

The Libs of TikTok account, despised by the Left for posting videos of people on the Left speaking, recently shared a video of Dr. Katherine Gast, MD who describes the ‘gender affirming’ surgery options she performs on adolescents.

This includes minors who have parental consent, according to Gast’s profile on the TransHealthCare website, which states: ‘Dr. Gast will operate on minors with parental consent.’

If you listen to Gast’s description of the surgeries, Cruz’s characterization as ‘mutilation’ is spot on. Does Gast perform the surgery on children? Yes. Do some of the surgeries result in sterilization? Yes. Are the surgeries performed before the children are old enough to consent? Yes. If a 16-year-old is not legally competent to consent to sexual activity, they’re certainly not equipped to consent to surgery that will permanently alter their bodies.

Cruz’s REAL crime here is simply accurately describing the situation while being a Senator.

And there it is. A favored tactic of the Left that has become all-too-familiar. ‘Literally repeating us describing the things we do and support is inciting violence against us.’

If we were to follow the ludicrous logic at play here, Melissa Ryan is inciting violence against Senator Cruz by repeating his words. SHE’S GONNA GET HIM KILLED! Wow.

One more time for those who are slow on the uptake: Informing the public about actual events that are occurring in our country is not putting people in danger. Performing life-altering surgery on the sexual organs of children, however, is likely quite dangerous in many cases.

Ryan wasn’t the only Tweeter to try to stifle Cruz’s truth telling by pretending speech is violence.

‘Promoting terrorism’. LOL.

Stochastic terrorism against Ted Cruz noted.

Again with the ‘showing actual video of people describing their actions’ is lying.

That thing you watched with your own eyes? Totally not true.

‘YOU’RE PUTTING PEOPLE IN DANGER WITH YOUR WORDS … TRAITOR!’ They can’t take a breath without contradicting themselves.

Alrighty then. <eye roll>

Many of you saw through the blatant attempt to silence the opposition.

Oops! Floof just used his Twitter feed to put the ‘words are violence’ narrative in danger. You either get to rant about GOP opposition to universal health care and ‘have blood on your hands’ when James Hodgkinson tries to assassinate GOP members of Congress, or we all agree that crazy violent people are crazy and violent, and the free exchange of ideas is still a societal good. You can’t have it both ways.

There’s always that possibility.

The Dude gets it.

‘Doctor describes surgeries she actually performs. Tune in for the full story on the 11 O’clock Harassment.’


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