Ted Cruz Talks About the Horrors of Biden's Border Crisis... Reveals SHOCKING Reason Illegals Wear Wristbands [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz discusses the human trafficking problem at the Southern Border, including sex slavery, all caused by Biden’s policies

The crisis at the Southern Border has been getting progressively worse since Biden took office and has amped up further in recent months.

The alleged Border Czar Kamala Harris, as well as Joe Biden himself and the Senate Democrats, have been mysteriously missing from the firsthand scenes at the Us-Mexico border.

However, Senator Ted Cruz has visited the Rio Grande Valley. Senator Cruz has witnessed firsthand the unspeakable horrors which have been occurring due to  Biden’s soft border policies.

And he reveals the harsh reality of our border and the reason why illegal immigrants–including young children–have been wearing colored wristbands as they cross.

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“This is not compassion. This is not humane. This is barbaric,” Senator Cruz describes Biden’s policies succinctly and truthfully as he weighs in on the cruel crossings.

Children as young as five and six years old are being sent across the border completely unaccompanied by parents and handed over to human traffickers, coyotes, and the cartel.

They are given wristbands, as many illegals are, which signify how indebted to the cartel they are.

Women and children are raped, killed, and exposed to the most brutal conditions one can imagine as they try to cross.

When they get here, teenage boys are sold into gangs in cities across the nation, while teenage girls are subjected to a fate of human trafficking and sex slavery.

These illegal immigrants are losing their lives, dignity, and humanity as they are taken across Biden’s open border.

“This is wrong. It needs to stop,” Senator Cruz finishes.

With more robust border policies, there is less illegal immigration. There is less incentive to try and cross, and there are fewer human trafficking victims. Strong border security does not just help Americans and secure our nation; it saves the lives of would-be-migrants. Joe Biden has caused a humanitarian crisis at our border that is unthinkable. And Democrats don’t care. They don’t even acknowledge it.

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