Ted Lieu's jab at GOP 'bill to increase gas prices' accidentally KOs Biden's insane energy policy

President Biden and the White House have been trying to blame Republicans for the mess this administration has made with the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

According to Dem Rep. Ted Lieu, Republican attempts to make Biden use the SPR only for its intended purpose means there’s somebody new to blame for rising fuel prices:

First of all, it appears that rising gas prices are no longer Putin’s fault, but instead caused by Republicans for trying to keep Biden from using the SPR for a political bailout instead of its intended purpose.

What Lieu’s opposition to Republican attempts to make Biden use the SPR for its intended purpose accomplishes is only to highlight how insane this administration’s so-called energy policies really are.

Before the 2020 election Biden literally promised to “end fossil fuel”:

That makes it even more laughable now to watch Democrats try and make it look like the Republicans are the ones who are trying to drive fuel prices up by opposing Biden using the SPR as a safety net for incompetent and misguided energy policies.



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