Terry McAuliffe just can’t seem to stop imploding as we go into the final days of the Virginia gubernatorial campaign.

McAuliffe snapped at a reporter and walked out in the middle of an interview, saying they should have asked better questions that their viewers cared about. He also said he stood by a remark he made during a debate, stating that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Apparently, he didn’t think they should be asking about education and/or that the people of Virginia don’t care about that as an issue.

What an entitled response that is — just like he thinks he can tell parents they don’t have a say in their kids’ education, he thinks he gets to decide for the media and the viewers what issues they care about.

However, it didn’t end so well for him when the ABC affiliate, WJLA, then had to explain why there was a difference in the length of time between the two candidates. Yikes — talk about a takedown from just telling the truth.

“We do want to point out that the Terry McAuliffe interview is shorter than our interview with Glenn Youngkin, that was not by our doing,” the anchor explained. “Nick offered both candidates 20 minutes exactly to be fair, for the interviews. McAuliffe abruptly ended 7 News’ interview after just 10 minutes and told Nick that he should have asked better questions,” the anchor added.

The network explains how he just walked out and dissed them over the nature of the questions.

Now McAuliffe’s spokesman Renzo Olivari is claiming that, despite what we saw, he didn’t walk out on the interview, they’re claiming that the interview was always scheduled to be ten minutes. Their evidence is a text in which McAuliffe offers to give the reporter ten minutes and there appears to be an acceptance of that. But it doesn’t say if there was further discussion and it isn’t what WJLA is saying. They’re saying the agreement was for 20 minutes. It’s also clear that McAuliffe was being obnoxious in saying that they should “ask better questions” and ask questions that viewers care about. McAuliffe’s spokesperson is saying now that was “light-hearted and joking.” Alrighty now, I’m thinking just about nobody believes that.

If, in the last few days of this race, McAuliffe is still having to explain himself and dig himself out of holes he’s making with the way he talks about parents, media, and his opponent and the way he conducts his campaign, that shows what a problem he has. His people shouldn’t have to be explaining away his comments at this point. If you are having to do that, then you know that you’re losing. That’s why Youngkin has made such gains on him and pulled up basically even with him at this point. One poll even has Youngkin ahead. Youngkin is staying on message and not stepping in it like McAuliffe is. He’s showing a much better character to the people of the state and he isn’t diminishing parents or other voters in the process.

On top of this, then McAuliffe got in more controversy over campaigning in black churches even sending a video supporting him to 300 churches from Kamala Harris and going to campaign at a variety of churches himself. This is against the law for churches to be promoting an individual candidate.

Now it’s still going to be a tight race, but one has to think that with his people scrambling to cover up McAuliffe’s mistakes, it’s not a good sign for them.

Source: Redstate

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