Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling

The much-acclaimed manhwa adaptation of Chugong’s Solo Leveling, which first came out in 2018 and is being adapted into an anime, came to an end in 2021. Sung Jinwoo’s adrenaline-pumping exploits received high praises from manga fans. The stronger the ever-growing Hunter became, the more fans craved for more necromancy action. But there are other manhwas and mangas like Solo Leveling, in case fans ever miss it.

Until the anime adaptation premieres in 2023, fans may be feeling a void left behind in its absence. Here are a few webtoons and manhwa like Solo Leveling to help fill it, each of them available on Webtoon.

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Omniscient Reader’s Protagonist Stops at Nothing for Power

Omniscient Reader _ Manhwa _ Promo Image

Kim Dokja is an average employee who enjoys reading web novels. He especially likes an underappreciated novel titled “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.” Unfortunately, he’s the only one who does, but this turns into an advantage when his favorite novel suddenly meshes with reality. His peaceful world becomes apocalyptic in a matter of minutes, and the subsequent events start to follow the course of his favorite novel’s story. Realizing his situation and knowing that he’s the only reader who knows the story in its entirety, Dokja uses his knowledge to manipulate the narrative to his advantage, hoping to save the world in the process.

Similar to Jinwoo, Doka maximizes the information available to him. He is also as greedy as Jinwoo when it comes to acquiring power and expanding their strength, be it individually or in a group. Both protagonists don’t let anything trivial stop them from obtaining their target. However, they’re not doing this simply for personal gain, but rather to save the world from absurdly powerful higher beings.

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Doom Breaker Replicates Jinwoo’s Fighting Style

doom breaker manhwa

Even after becoming the strongest human, Zephyr’s strength falls short in the face of the god of destruction. However, he doesn’t go without a fight. Zephyr’s desperate move of self-destruction allows him to take with him Tartarus’ hand. While this isn’t much compared to the price he has to pay, it’s enough to tarnish Tartarus’ perfect track record and pride. The god of destruction protests to have a rematch with Zephyr, which the gods grant since it also aligns with their desire. Zephyr is sent back 10 years into the past with nine different perks bestowed by the gods. He sets out to redo his odyssey and kill not just Tartarus but the gods who will betray all of humanity.

Fans who are especially fond of Jinwoo’s fighting style will likely be fascinated with Zephyr. Similar to Jinwoo, Zephyr places importance on preparation. He always has a backup plan, especially for the worst-case scenario. Both main characters also have a knack for getting stronger. They’re not afraid of putting themselves in dangerous situations as long as they stand to reap great rewards from it. Ultimately, Zephyr also tends to fight dangerous battles alone if he deems it too risky for his companions.

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The Gamer Also Gives Its Hero a Player System

the gamer manhwa

Han Jihan is just a typical high school student who suddenly receives a power that allows him to view the world as a video game. He can see his as well as other people’s information through a panel, and a system occasionally issues him quests. However, he soon discovers that his newfound power will change his life forever. He belongs to a world entirely different but similar to his the moment he awakens his power, and it’s flocked by powerful beings. Now, Jihan must master his power if he wants to co-exist with them.

The Gamer is a manhwa similar to Solo Leveling for a few reasons. Like Jinwoo, Jihan is the only one granted a player system among hundreds and thousands of superpowered individuals. He also has a passion for farming and leveling up, often staying in dungeons. However, their greatest similarity is their zeal for army-building. While Jinwoo has his army of shadows, Jihan has his army of golems — and neither will cease expanding as long as it’s possible to do so.

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