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The most lied-about state legislation in recent history was finally signed into law this week by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Parental Rights in Education bill is about just that — parental rights. American leftists have long been open about viewing parents as annoying obstacles to the public education indoctrination process. That’s how “Pre-K” came into being in the first place. The sooner they can get the kids out of the house for several hours a day, the easier it is to start brainwashing them with a radicalized agenda.

The Florida law merely prevents teachers from talking about issues of sex and gender with kids from Pre-K to third grade, so kids ages four to eight.

As I wrote last week, it’s really disturbing that Democrats are so hell-bent on being able to talk to innocent, vulnerable children who are barely removed from toddlerhood about sex.

Megan has a new post out that perfectly illustrates why the law is necessary:

The angry teachers of TikTok are rolling in after Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education law (also known as “Don’t Say Gay,” because politics demands that every bill signed by a Republican must be demonized). The word “gay” is not in the bill. The bill actually protects children in pre-K through third grade from being assaulted with discussion of sex and gender issues that they are not ready to handle. For some reason, people on the left are having meltdowns because they can’t talk about their personal sex lives with little children and, in a bizarre trend, they’re making videos about it — like this guy who thinks he can no longer talk about paddleboarding with his kindergartners.

What Teacher Paddleboard was lamenting was not being able to talk to his young charges (kindergarteners) about his personal life with his gay partner.

When did the world become so insane that kindergarteners needed to know what teachers did for fun over the weekend? I come from an era when it was nigh on impossible to imagine my teachers existing outside of the school when I was that young. And we certainly weren’t going deep on gender issues then. We were mostly playing tag and eating boogers.

More from Megan:

But at least one teacher, Amber Mercier who works at The Academy, says she’ll keep lying to parents about their kids, and she’s willing to lose her job over it.

Mercier is gay, and she believes keeping secrets about sexuality from her students’ families — if the student wants her to — is worth losing her job over. “I just want to go ahead and state that I would rather lose my job than out one of my students to their families. Being a safe person and a safe place for kids who don’t have that at home is one of the best parts of being a teacher, so, yeah, I’m not doing it. Fire me, sue me, take me to jail — I’m not doing it.”

Again, we’re talking about kids between the ages of four and eight, exactly what is she going to out them for?

Kids that young who have sex issues have them because adults put them there. Yeah, I’m stating that unequivocally. I’m not going to buy into the liberal perv world that says kids in the sandbox are riddled with gender identification issues. We not only have to reject their lunatic premises, but we must also get louder and louder about doing so.

Because they have the coastal media outlets and, sadly, much of corporate America on their side right now, leftists have deluded themselves into believing that regular Americans are on board with the radicalized agenda.

They’re not but they might be overrun by it anyway very soon.

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