The New Yorker looks at ‘the right-wing mothers fueling the school-board wars’ –

You can tell that liberals are panicked that those white suburban moms they were counting on to vote to preserve abortion rights are actually more concerned about what’s going on in their kids’ schools. They saw what happened in Virginia when gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe brought Randi Weingarten on stage to endorse him and told the media that parents shouldn’t have a say in what their kids are being taught — leave that up to the experts, he said. McAuliffe got roasted by those “domestic terrorists” who started pushing back at the liberal agenda being fed to their children.

The New Yorker has a piece out looking at “the right-wing mothers fueling the school-board wars.” There’s a war brewing in America, we’re being warned.

Curriculum evisceration and teacher threatening. Oh, and a grand plan to end public education … where do we sign up?

Oh, look, more insight from The Daily Beast about former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

“‘School choice’ is a rhetorical dodge. It’s actually all about entrenching right-wing power, control, and Christian nationalism” … writes Wajahat Ali. Yeah, OK. We’ve been told before that homeschooling should be banned because it promotes white supremacy. Has Ali ever met a Christian he didn’t hate? Oh, and how does this explain the Muslim parents speaking out at school board meetings in Dearborn, Michigan?

Rolling Stone … another peerless source. Haven’t they been sued out of existence yet?

Remove sex-ed from kindergarten through third grade? Again, sign us up, please.

How long has Rush Limbaugh been off the air?


No, you should not underestimate the power of these women.

We promise you, this thread does end.

Yeah, no.

That’s why this editor thinks that so many liberals are eager to separate themselves from “America” — our country isn’t perfect (e.g., see slavery) and so they can’t associate with it. Everything in history goes in the trash bin and we start over with the “1619 Project.”

Parents concerned about “porn” in the school library are prohibited from showing images from “Gender Queer” at school board meetings because they’re pornographic. And they’re not having it.


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