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NewsThe Russo Brothers Reveal Their Favorite Marvel Phase 4...

The Russo Brothers Reveal Their Favorite Marvel Phase 4 Movie


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Indeed, while observing how his fellow audience members cheered the sight of three generations of wallcrawlers teaming up in Spider-Man: No Way Home—including Tom Holland’s most recent Peter Parker, who the Russos had a hand in casting—Joe was reminded of an often overlooked egalitarian quality of the Marvel method and experience.

Says Joe, “I think the one thing that Marvel doesn’t get enough credit for is what else bonded people after such a divisive time during the pandemic and after all this manufactured conflict that’s been playing out in America over the last four years? But going into a theater, race, color, creed, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter.”

Joe later adds in a follow-up interview, “The power of filmmaking is its ability to bind people together as a community in a public space, respective of background. And Marvel does that better than anyone, and I don’t think they get enough credit for that. And if that is the true power of what filmmaking is, then they’re certainly the most potent filmmaking entity on the planet because you go into one of those theaters, and, boy, there’s a lot of joy and happiness, and emotion, and excitement going on in one of their films. And you just don’t see that on any other movie. Even, historically, I’m not sure that you’ve seen that level of excitement on any film other than when Marvel’s operating at the top of their game.”

Joe and Anthony both credit their time at Marvel as an eye-opening experience that taught them about what audiences really enjoy and appreciate in visual storytelling, as opposed to what certain cultural gatekeepers perhaps suggest is expected.

“You connect with audiences in a way that allows you to understand the global impact of big release movies and you get a better window into the perspective of audiences who are outside of the U.S. and outside of that sort of Hollywood circle,” says Joe. “My brother and I have found that incredibly enlightening and really pivotal to our careers moving forward.”

He adds, “To really understand inclusion, you have to remember that going to a movie theater is, in some regards, an elitist experience, right? It’s expensive. And outside of the U.S., a lot of people cannot afford it. A majority of audiences can’t afford it. There are certain countries you go to where going to a movie theater is a once in a lifetime experience. So you’re trying to deliver something to those audiences that is deserving of that time, that money they’re going to spend. Also it allows you to understand that putting barriers into your storytelling, whether they be faux-intellectual barriers in an attempt to create a niche appeal, that’s uninteresting to us, because it excludes a wider audience, and I would argue a more interesting audience.”

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