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After their latest battle with Rita Repulsa and Krang left them without their usual abilities, the Power Rangers have taken on entirely new mutant forms in a bid to level the playing field. However, they aren’t the only ones who have undergone a startling transformation as Casey Jones has already proven what the Dimension X Rangers are capable of. Though he might have been alone in harnessing such powers up until now, Casey is joined by none other than the Heroes in a Half Shell, and filling out the latest Ranger lineup may just be the beginning of something bigger than they ever could have imagined.


While the Power Rangers are busy facing off against the forces of Rita and Krang back on Earth in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #4 (by Ryan Parrott, Dan Mora, Raúl Angulo, and Ed Dukeshire), their mutant allies have made their way deep into the heart of Krang’s stronghold in Dimension X. There they had hoped to even the odds against their enemies, though not without getting caught in the midst of yet another assault by Rita’s monsters. Thankfully, Donatello and Michelangelo just so happen to discover the rest of the Dimension X Morphers that once belonged to the realm’s own long-lost Rangers, and they are all the Heroes in a Half Shell need to once again form an important link to the Morphin Grid.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Just Experienced Morphin Time

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles morph into Power Rangers

While the Turtles have learned plenty about the Morphin Grid and what it has to offer when they first teamed up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, their newfound abilities are far from what either set of heroes are used to. Of course, the fact that Dimension X once had its own team of Rangers on its own was a startling revelation, yet the Turtles’ transformation is infinitely more so considering these particular powers were believed lost. Although Casey Jones used one to seemingly join Rita and Krang, his was the only working Dimension X Morpher that was left. At least, that was how things appeared until now.

Despite being partially shattered, the Turtles’ proximity to the power node that they initially came for may have been all it took for them to access the powers held within the Dimension X Morphers. Whether this is the case still remains to be seen, yet it hardly matters considering their current circumstances. Not only do their new powers let the Turtles turn the tide of battle, but they also confirm everything Krang previously said about the existence of the Dimension X Rangers. On the surface, this makes it seem as if the Turtles have stumbled on to exactly what they needed to win the war. Digging a little deeper, however, it becomes clear that they also walked right into one of the biggest mysteries to ever grace the Power Rangers’ world.

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The Ninja Turtles Just Became the Newest Power Rangers

The Ninja Turtles as the new Power Rangers

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By bridging whatever gap was preventing the Dimension X Morphers from being utilized by Krang, the Turtles have unlocked what may very well be all the reason they need to continue working with the Rangers they know best. Beyond any questions regarding what happened to the last Dimension X Rangers or why the Morphers are suddenly linked to the Grid now, there are those pertaining to how far that connection runs and where else it might emerge.

Dimension X certainly isn’t the only other realm the Turtles have ventured into over the years, and there is no reason to think that others might have once had their own Rangers all the same. More importantly, this would confirm that the Morphin Grid’s reach extends to places neither team of heroes expected. While this is a huge advantage, it also implies that there are other undiscovered Morphers just waiting to fall into the wrong hands. If nothing else, this could easily set the heroes up for a race against the forces of evil in the future. That is, assuming they don’t emerge from the war they are currently fighting to discover that they are already falling dangerously behind in another.

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