The View thinks Trump's pretty lame for not wanting to debate (but has no comment on chicken Biden)

Former president in 2024 presidential hopeful Donald Trump has indicated that he’s not interested in participating in any debates against his Republican challengers. His ride-or-die supporters are insisting that this is a principled position to take, while critics portray it as just further confirmation of his weakness and fear, particularly when it comes to presumptive opponent Ron DeSantis.

Of course, “The View” falls under the second umbrella. But unlike conservative critics of Trump, the harpies at “The View” don’t have a single moral or intellectual leg to stand on between them.

If Donald Trump looks cowardly and lame right now, then Joe Biden looks at least as cowardly and lame. Maybe even moreso, because he’s actually the president already and should in theory have some balls.

Last time we checked, the total came to zero. Zero debates. Even Cenk Uygur thought that was BS.

Sooooooooooooooooo where’s “The View’s” discussion of that?


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