The Weekend Away, starring Leighton Meester and Christina Wolfe, takes viewers to Croatia where two best friends are on vacation. They were supposed to be having some fun in the sun, but when one of them winds up dead, the vacation takes a dramatic turn.

Beth (Meester) becomes a suspect in the investigation surrounding Kate’s (Wolfe) death and can’t leave the country to return to her family and young child.

As the situation continues to spin out of control, secrets start coming to light. These secrets will turn Beth’s world upside down.

This Netflix thriller landed on the streamer on Thursday, March 3 just in time for the weekend. But if you’re just hearing about it now and wondering if it’s an adults only kind of film, here’s what we know about the movie’s rating!

The Weekend Away age rating

The Weekend Away is rated TV-14. According to IMDb‘s parental guide, this is because there’s strong language and sexuality in the film including brief shots of a couple having sex. The movie also deals with a murder investigation, as mentioned above, so there are unsettling images such as a corpse drifting in the water and intense sequences.

Given the age rating, the film is suitable for teenagers but wouldn’t be appropriate for children. It’s not a kid-friendly movie. The Weekend Away taps out at 90 minutes, so it’s a quick watch, if you’re interested in getting a move in after a long day.

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