Ciri, the exiled princess of Cintra, has been more obviously transformed in the trailer for The Witcher season 2 as she begins to fulfill the destiny with Geralt that was only alluded to previously, and Allan has adapted expertly to her changed role. “Part of the journey between Ciri and Geralt this season is also one that involves training to be a Witcher,” says Hissrich, praising Allan’s performance. “Freya would send me videos of herself learning to swordfight before we started production in season 2 and the stunt team was amazed because she’s just a natural.”

Hissrich felt bad, in some ways, that Ciri had to wait so long to realize the transformation that’s to come in The Witcher season 2. “I’ve joked a lot that in season 1, one of my regrets is that the Ciri story ended up being reduced to her kind of running from things all the time,” Hissrich says. “And my favorite thing in this season is that Ciri plants her feet and starts fighting back. It was amazing to see Freya in that role.”

Allan agreed with this sentiment and recalls sharing ideas for a stronger Ciri with the writers in The Witcher season 2. “It was exciting getting to do that because it did feel like in season 1 I was just running, running, running, and I was thinking, ‘I want a scene!’” says Allan. “We had plenty of chats, didn’t we, Lauren, about scenes?  My goodness.  Sometimes chats that last a whole day.”

Fans will get to see how Yennefer and Ciri have changed — and finally see them meet, establishing their own unique relationship — when The Witcher season 2 returns to Netflix on December 17, 2021.

Source: Den of Geek

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