Thread explains how the ‘groomer’ panic is intimately tied to explicitly neo-Nazi ideology –

Back when Democrats were freaking out about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that was on the table, conservatives started calling these teachers introducing sexuality into their kindergarten classes “groomers.” And it struck a nerve. Word went out in the media that “groomer” was an anti-LGBTQIA+ slur that insinuated gay and trans people were pedophiles. This editor keeps this tweet on hand because it so well defines groomer:

We especially like that “isolating them from their family” line because so many teachers featured by Libs of TikTok say things like, “I’m your parents now,” or “I’m your mother.” Parents aren’t enlightened like they are and thus become the enemy from which they need to shield “their” kids.

This thread was going around earlier this week, exposing the neo-Nazi roots of the “groomer” slur, now known on social media as the G-word.

We guess Abigail Shrier is full of it when she notes the explosion of young girls who claim to be transgender. There must be something in the water for so many more transgender babies being born.

“Fascism.” Or — hear us out — maybe the end goal of the groomer panic is to stop adults from grooming kids. Here’s another thread, this one from Dr. Strangetweet, that acts as a nice counter.

Why? The teachers themselves can’t shut up about it.

Hmm … an eye-opening MSNBC opinion piece recently blew the lid off the true white supremacist nature of home fitness.

Even the Parental Rights in Education law calls for “age-appropriate” sex education. Why is that concept so threatening?


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