Tim Scott stares down the bigots of The View and mops the floor with them (very politely, of course)

Late last month, “The View” cohost Joy Behar decided that South Carolina GOP senator and 2024 presidential hopeful Tim Scott needed to be brought back down to earth. He actually thinks that he, a black man, can succeed in America. And that other black people can succeed, too! Thank God Joy was there to burst his bubble.

Scott responded to Behar’s offensive BS later that day, albeit much more politely than she deserved.

Well, late last week, “The View” announced that Scott would be a featured guest on today’s episode, and we finally had a reason to want to tune in to “The View.”

It’s worth noting that Joy Behar had the day off today, so while we didn’t get to see the much-needed confrontation between her and Scott, we were still treated to a fantastic appearance from Scott.

He was right. Sen. Scott delivered the goods and then some. And, unlike the harpies of “The View,” he never had to resort to any nastiness to defend his positions.

Tim Scott is just a good guy.

And we’re genuinely shocked that the women around him were able to be in his presence without bursting into flames. Last time we checked, vampires aren’t supposed to be able to tolerate sunlight.

Interestingly, if you watch this, you can see that at the very least, Sunny Hostin is visibly uncomfortable, which is why she keeps trying to interrupt him and prevent him from torpedoing her preferred narrative about black Americans:

We can only hope that Sunny spent the commercial breaks in her dressing room seething because she was unable to convince a black man that he must see himself as an eternal victim who can never be equal.

Are they aware? Not likely. Would they care even if they were aware? Hell no.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to be respectful of “The View.” We can be outright hostile toward them and their stupid, shameful, disgusting bigotry.

Well, then it sucks to be her. Sucks to be all those ladies:

In a world of Sunny Hostins and Whoopi Goldbergs and Ana Navarro, be a Tim Scott.


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