TIME releases their 'Person of the Year' shortlist and Twitter has opinions

TIME Magazine has released its shortlist for the 2022 Person of the Year.

The list seems a bit ‘ho hum’, to be honest.

Let’s look at the choices, ranked by this editor’s opinion, because why not?

10. Janet Yellen: What? LOL.

9. MacKenzie Scott: Dumping Jeff Bezos and handing out money. Um. No.

8. Liz Cheney: LOL! Running a partisan witch hunt that nobody cares about to please liberals is not exactly impactful.

7. Gun Safety Advocates: This is just a virtue signal by TIME.

6. Xi Jinping: Yes, he’s influential, in a very bad way, but no more so in 2022 than before.

5. Protests in Iran: Too soon, but let’s hope.

4. Ron DeSantis: He has garnered much attention from the Left this year from Disney, the bill not titled ‘Don’t Say Gay’, Hurricane Ian, and giving illegal immigrants a Martha’s Vineyard vacation. This one actually makes some sense.

3. Elon Musk: The influence is undeniable. Leftists have spent months bleating about this man after he became Chief Twit. Clearly, a solid contender, although not likely since he was named TIME’s Person of the Year last year.

2. Volodymyr Zelenskyy: The top 3 are a tough call. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has captured the world’s attention since February. Zelenskyy is almost guaranteed to get the top spot. With that said …

1. The U.S. Supreme Court: The overturning of Roe v. Wade was easily the most consequential Supreme Court decision of this century, and one that will have long-lasting consequences and impacts to society and politics. Truly, a monumental moment in U.S. history.

Let’s take a look at what Twitter users think.

LOL. When you put it that way …

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Nailed it. Liz Cheney’s only qualification is that she despises Trump with the passion of a scorned lover. This is not hyperbole.

Seriously. The Person of the Year can be a person, group, concept, or object. ‘Inflation’ should have made the list before Yellen.

LOLOLOL! Occupy Democrats may be the most elaborate leftist parody account on Twitter (at least, that’s what we’re going with).

Hey everyone, if you retweet Occupy Democrats enough, TIME Magazine will not elect Elon Musk!

This is mostly true. Although, we do get a good laugh out of it every year.

Imagine being a person whose irrational fantasies allow you to believe Ron DeSantis could be the next Hitler. That must suck. LOL.

Have to agree. He’s number 4 on our list above because the other choices are so weak.

Maybe later, Ron.

This is one of our favorite Lincoln quotes. HAHA!

This seems to be the consensus from much of Twitter. It’s hard to argue from the standpoint of impact to the world in 2022. ‘The Ukrainian People’ might have been a good choice.

Replies like this were also common among left-leaning tweeters. It’s sort of hilarious when Janet Yellen and Liz Cheney are also on the list.

A person would have to have ignored the news cycle for most of 2022 to not understand how DeSantis and Musk might make the list.


This lady wants Whitmer. Oh my.

That brings up a good point. Who is missing from this list?

How about the Babylon Bee? That’s why Elon Musk really bought Twitter.

Queen Elizabeth? That’s a way better entry than Liz Cheney.

Maybe Catturd™? Now we’re talking. LOL.

Ha! We know it’s dumb, but just for fun, who would you choose for Person of the Year, or who would you add to the list?



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