Tomo-chan Is a Girl! is delivering what it promised in Episode 2 through a masterful use of comedic timing, editing and character writing.

The following contains spoilers for Tomo-chan Is a Girl!, Episode 2, “Tomo’s Skirt / The School Idol,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Split into two chapters, Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Episode 2 might have exceeded the audience’s expectations with a well-crafted, humorous storyline and excellent comedic moments. Dealing with pretty sensitive issues — such as sexual harassment — with unexpected care, the anime proceeded with Tomo’s fight for Jun’s attention, as well as introducing a new character who shifted the story dynamics.

More than anything else, however, the anime proved that what seemed to be hidden potential for comedy in Episode 1 could actually be turned into proper humor. Attention to detail and great use of editing have turned a run-of-the-mill slice-of-life anime into an actually fun watch — Tomo-chan’s characters have quirky personalities that beautifully lend themselves to chaos and comedy.

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Tomo-chan’s Characters Have Hilarious Personalities


Arguably the funniest character in Tomo-chan, Misuzu really came to life in Episode 2. While she came across more irritating and scheming than anything else in the premiere, her deadpan answers and indifferent reactions in the latest episode provided proper laugh-out-loud moments. A prime example came when she crushed all of Tomo’s hopes that Jun could see her as a girl with a perfectly delivered, “I’m sorry. That was an irresponsible thing to say.”

The newly introduced Carol, a pretty girl with a difficult personality and a spiky edge to her, also has a lot to offer. Usually behaving like a kid, she has no regard for social cues and simply goes for what she wants. After seeing Tomo with her betrothed Misaki — who clearly has a crush on her — Carol starts calling her ‘baka [stupid]’ at every turn, making Tomo’s life miserable and allowing Misuzu to reiterate how little Tomo knows about girls. In another nice moment, Carol pops out of Jun’s locker to ask for help in defeating Tomo, who is temporarily her enemy.

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Tomo-chan’s Comedic Timing and Interactions Deliver Properly Funny Moments

Tomo chan Carol and Jun

Yet, funny personalities would fall flat if it weren’t for the expertly delivered pauses and masterful use of editing. It’s the silence before a punchline and the pan-out which suddenly reveal outlandish situations that really drive the humor home. For instance, when Carol asks Misuzu for help, it’s not until Misuzu says “But first, get off my desk” that viewers realize Carol is comfortably perched on Misuzu’s desk, as if it were totally normal.

Clashing personalities and goals, already established in Episode 1, also contribute to Tomo-chan‘s comedy. Jun and Misuzu continue to bicker like an old couple while the new dynamic developed between Carol and Misuzu offers a fresh source of humor. Carol’s clueless bluntness and Misuzu’s cold answers are a perfect mix that doesn’t prevent them from becoming friends.

All in all, Episode 2 proved that Tomo-chan Is a Girl! can actually deliver what it promised with its set-up and pilot episode. If it keeps exploiting characters’ quirks and throwing great timing into the mix, it can certainly become an exciting addition to the Winter 2023 season.

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