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NewsToo Hot to Handle season 3 couples list: Who...

Too Hot to Handle season 3 couples list: Who ends up together?


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Too Hot to Handle season 3 is now streaming on Netflix, and many of us have already watched the third season of the hit Netflix original in its entirety. By the end of the season, we got to see who ended up together and who remained friends. While some pairings we saw coming, others were shocking. So who ends up together in Too Hot to Handle season 3?

The lucky singles enter the reality series thinking they’re on a dating show called Pleasure Island. However, as soon as they begin mingling with each other and picking out who they want to hook up with, virtual assistant Lana throws a wrench into the contestants’ plans by telling them that they’re on Too Hot to Handle and sets some ground rules.

For the length of their stay at the retreat, they can not engage in any physical intimacy. If they follow the rules, they could win a grand prize of $200,000. This is the highest prize fund in Too Hot to Handle history! But if they engage in any form of sexual contact, money is deducted from the prize fund. Of course, some contestants have a hard time fighting temptation and causes the group to lose money. But later in the season, the contestants find out that there can only be one winner, and there’s a major twist when it comes to the finalists!

Are you ready to find out who won Too Hot to Handle season 3 and who ended up together? If not, you might want to leave this article because we’re about to reveal spoilers from season 3.

Major spoilers ahead from Too Hot to Handle season 3!

Too Hot to Handle season 3 winner

In a surprising twist, Harry and Beaux were nominated as the first couple to become a finalist in Too Hot to Handle history. But what was even more shocking is that they ended up being the winners of Too Hot to Handle season 3!

Harry and Beaux start as good friends but begin to develop feelings for each other over the season. They managed to work through their commitment issues and formed a genuine connection while holding off on their physical urges. I think the contestants made the right decision in voting for Harry and Beaux as the winners. They both showed the most personal growth, in my opinion.

Who ends up together in Too Hot to Handle season 3?

In this season, there were several hookups, whether it be a short makeout session or actually sleeping together. But there are only two couples who left the retreat hand in hand.

Here’s the Too Hot to Handle season 3 couples list down below:

  • Harry and Beaux
  • Holly and Nathan

It’s unclear if Izzy and Jackson leave the retreat as a couple, but we do know they were very interested in each other. Well, sexually, at least. Everyone else left the retreat single and ready to mingle.

It’s been a while since the third season was filmed, so the couples listed above might not be together anymore or maybe some of the cast got together after the show ended. We’ll definitely do a deep dive search into season 3’s cast to see where they are now.

Too Hot to Handle season 3 is available to stream right now only on Netflix.

Source: Netflix Life

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