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NewsTop Detroit Election Official Says Satellite Voting Centers "don't...

Top Detroit Election Official Says Satellite Voting Centers “don’t tabulate” Votes…So, Why Are Tabulators Being Delivered to This Detroit Satellite Voting Center? [VIDEO]


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Despite the best efforts of the media and their fake “fact-checkers” and dishonest Secretaries of State like Michigan’s Soros puppet, Jocelyn Benson, a massive number of Americans refuse to believe their lies about the 2020 election being the most accurate and secure in history.

Last night, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up sat down with two of the co-founders of MC4EI (MI Citizens for Election Integrity) to discuss some of their key findings from the 2020 and now the 2022 election. In addition to explaining how MI SOS Benson’s new “rules” for future elections make it even harder for poll challengers and observers to do their jobs, they also discuss a new finding in the Detroit drop box footage they’ve been pouring over for several months.

Prior to the August 2, 2022, primary election in Detroit, MC4EI co-founders Phil O’Halloran and Joe Brandis, along with former MI Senator Patrick Colbeck, author of “the 2020 Coup” and keeper of the “Let’s Fix Stuff” election integrity website, were able to do a walkthrough of the former TCF Center (now Huntington Place) where absentee ballots from Detroit are counted. During their walkthrough, Joe Brandis of MC4EI asked top election officials Chris Thomas and Daniel Baxter if any of the 20 satellite voting centers tabulated votes. Daniel Baxter replied, “No, they don’t tabulate there,” he replied. So, if “they tabulate” votes at the satellite counting centers, why were four tabulators being delivered to the Heilmann Rec Center that doubles as a satellite voting center, one month before the November 3, 2020 election, as discovered by the MC4EI team in the drop box surveillance video seen below?

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The entire interview can be seen here. This is a MUST WATCH for anyone who wants to understand better the multiple layers of deceit that go into stealing elections. We also share video footage of a poll challenger named Braden being thrown out of Huntington Place. Braden was credentialed by MC4EI and was thrown out of the Detroit absentee ballot counting center on Tuesday night after he questioned why poll challengers are not allowed to go up on the raised platform where Daniel Baxter, Chris Thomas, Dominion representatives, and other election officials are allegedly adjudicating ballots and overseeing the operations. He also questioned why one of the computers at a counting station was online and why they were processing a ballot that didn’t meet the requirements to be processed. In 2020, GOP and Independent poll challengers were intimidated, threatened, locked out, and physically removed from the counting room, all in an effort to prevent them from doing their jobs and put other poll challengers on notice. Will the RNC, MIGOP, and other election integrity groups allow this to happen again in November?


100 Percent Fed Up and Gateway Pundit will remain vigilant in our reporting on election fraud and “irregularities” in the 2020 and the upcoming 2022 election, despite coordinated attempts by elected Democrat officials in Michigan and coordinated attempts by media and “fact-checkers” to discredit us.

For more information on MC4EI and their fantastic work, go HERE.

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