Truck spills 150,000 tomatoes on California highway

A delivery truck spilled 150,000 tomatoes across a California highway, leaving drivers struggling to get through the saucy situation.

Police say that the truck hit a central divider on Interstate 80 between San Francisco and Sacramento spilling its cargo and creating heavy traffic.

The accident happened at around 5am on Monday morning and motorists continued to drive through the fruit, crushing it into a thick paste, officials say.

The incident created heavy traffic and it took the Department of Transportation workers several hours to clear and reopen all lanes of the highway, the California Highway Patrol said.

One car got stuck in the mess, causing a chain reaction of crashes involving a total of four vehicles.

The incident led to a string of food-related jokes on the CHP Facebook post.

“9/10 sure that’s not how spaghetti sauce is made,” wrote one user.

“If only there were a bread truck, lettuce truck, and bacon truck involved…”  added another.

And another person commented: “Let’s find a truck hauling onion, hot peppers, cilantro and we would have fresh pico de Gallo.”

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